Lettera del Cardinal Vicario per la Colletta per il Terremoto

Ai Reverendi
Parroci, Rettori, Cappellani Universitari e Ospedalieri
della Diocesi di Roma

Roma, 1 settembre 2016

il terribile terremoto che ha devastato l’Italia centrale ha lasciato tutti attoniti per la distruzione che ha provocato, seminando tanto dolore e disperazione nei cuori di quanti hanno perso i loro cari e i loro beni.

Fin dall’inizio molte persone si sono prodigate per venire in aiuto alle popolazioni colpite dal sisma e la Chiesa italiana si è immediatamente adoperata per alleviare la sofferenza e il dolore delle popolazioni coinvolte. Anche la nostra Caritas diocesana ha preso contatto con le Caritas di Rieti e di Ascoli Piceno offrendo la propria disponibilità.

Per continuare nel sostegno e nell’aiuto alle comunità coinvolte la Conferenza Episcopale Italiana ha indetto una Colletta nazionale per domenica 18 settembre da destinare a un apposito fondo di solidarietà. Vi invito, pertanto, a informare i fedeli di questa iniziativa, ulteriore occasione per testimoniare con un gesto di misericordia verso tanti sofferenti la grazia di questo Anno Giubilare. L’importo raccolto potrà essere versato presso l’Ufficio Amministrativo del Vicariato oppure tramite bonifico bancario sul Conto intestato al Vicariato di Roma con le seguenti coordinate: IBAN IT 25 E 05216 03229 000000092433, specificando nella causale “Colletta Nazionale per il Terremoto”.

Mentre vi assicuro il mio ricordo nella preghiera all’inizio del nuovo Anno Pastorale, mi è caro porgervi il mio più fraterno saluto.

Agostino Card. Vallini

Author: dom.Ugo-Maria

Catholic Priest - Hermit of Carthusian Charism, following the early and stricter Coutumes de Chartreuse (Rule) written about 1121-1128 written by Guigues du Chastel the 5th prior and Father General of Grande Chartreuse. Served as a curate and priest in Ireland for a while then moving to Devon as Parish Priest. A spell as Prison Chaplain and then Chaplain to the Railways (SouthEastern). Then a few years as a Diocesan Administrator, Vicar Forane, Vicar General and called as a Bishop (which I turned down). In the past I served as an officer in HM Armed Forces, lectured at Oxford, and teacher at the Royal School for Deaf children in Margate (now closed), for a spell (13 months) run an NHS hospital where I quickly realised that if you have no medical background and tend to use spreadsheets to reach a decision then you should not be running a hospital. Now I serve as Prior to the Hermits of Saint Bruno at St. Mary's Hermitage near Canterbury in Kent. I write on the Eremitic way of life although sometimes I tend to broach other subjects of interest, and occasionally undertake translations for Bishop Alistair from English to Italian. My life as a contemplative is extremely fulfilling and busy and I no longer have a public ministry which I occasionally miss especially the out-reach ministry. I also enjoy gardening on the hermitage grounds and as most gardeners will know its a never ending task, albeit quite rewarding. The hermitage also has some other residents, there is the hermitage guardian who is a layman who lives in rooms at the front of our hermitage and acts as a barrier/intermediary with the outside world; there is Jules a 4 year old Staffordshire terrier, who seems to know the Monastic Horarium and occasionally acts as a prompt, Augustus the tom cat who is 1 year old now and spends most of his time in the fields surrounding us catching moles, mice and rabbits (not so keen on birds) or in my cell when it gets too hot outside (he occasionally assist in writing my articles - having adopted the habit of falling asleep at my desk, occasionally waking and hitting the keyboard with his paw), Buffy who is 25 years old and Terra, her daughter who is 24 years old, female cats that were with me when I was parish priest at St. John Bosco's in Barnstaple. The two hens Hildegard (von Bingen) and Rosaline (of Villeneuve) who provide the eggs that we need, and then there is Topo Gigio a mouse who lives in one of our outhouses who is not scared of cats or people, can be quite vocal if you upset him by encroaching although quite frankly is no bother at all which is why he has been left alone. We currently also have 6 sheep outside in the field (not ours) but they do keep the grass cut. We are fortunate to have several fruit trees, Apples, Plums, Cherries, Pears, and 2 fig plants which I brought back from Sicily, quite a few herbs: mint, St. John's-wort, basil, chives, garlic, oregano, lemon balm, sage, chamomile, bay, echinacea, coriander, feverfew, lavender, valerian, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, cilantro and others, there are also many flowers, too many to list. My interests are mediaeval church & monastic history, ancient liturgies, the Old Catholic Movement, Nicene and post Nicene Fathers, Desert Fathers and Mothers and Carthusian history. I also speak Italian and German, Latin, Catalan, Sicilian and French although am rusty with some.